In fact - better. A wonderful scenario by Ryan Kugler and Joe Robert Cole takes this thing beyond the usual boundaries of the Marvel Universe. There is nothing better than a superhero who is also a king can tell stories that are related to contemporary social, economic and political elements.

You know: unstable is the head wearing a crown. What distinguishes Black Tiger (Chadwick Bosseman) Most of these other types of pantyhose is the birth of a royal. Every decision it takes has consequences for his people and his country, and details that can bring depth to the authors.

It also increases the use of the old battle of good versus evil. Besides, not only are three-dimensional goodness, but that's all we can say without falling into the spoiler territory.

Black Panthers begin where Captain America: Civil war left off - with the dead King T'Chaka and his son, T'Challa, return to the kingdom of Wakanda to lead his people.

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Director Ryan Kugler and scriptwriter Joe Robert Cole go with this surreal and noisy film version of the Legend of Black Panthers Marvel One of the superheroes The issue of color in the joy of everyone involved fills a movie with fun. It is an adventure action legend that looks less like a traditional superhero movie, but more like a radical prigadon or a wild adventure by Jules Verne or Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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These mythological makers of the colonial era that they had had Stan Lee and Jack Kirby certainly influenced when he invented comic books in the 1960s and African-style afro-steel futuristic black tiger side, estimated generations of fans reclaimed as an exotic alternative must pop culture of America White. But it is futuristic that the black tiger gives its unambiguous strength.

Chadwick Buseman plays T'Challa, a prince with a sensitive boy face, handsome appearance and a slightly introverted style, weakness and self-accountability. After the death of his father (as described in Captain America: Civil War, as of 2016) T'Challa succeeded the throne of this fictional African country Wakanda, located to the west of Lake Victoria, in lands occupied in the real world of Uganda, Rwanda and northern Tanzania .

The Wakanda is at first glance low in pollution, mountainous, young and inaccessible. But the point is that the Canadians have deliberately planted backward stereotypes of Africa as a cover to prevent external interference. Because under the foliage the Cananda is a secret city state with more vans and monorails floating than you can shake with a stick. It is a hidden world of modern modernity - even though it is the country that has forgotten democracy. All this is powered by a hidden element of the uranium, which provides limitless energy and is used by T'Challa in the armor body dressed as a black leopard.

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Chala's wonderful sister Shuri (Lititia Wright) is a character of Kyo, a scientist who develops equipment and weapons. Lobita Nyongo is Nakiya, an intelligence agent and a Canadian who may have chala feelings. Angela Basset is a widow Talala widow, Forrest Whitaker is a veteran politician ZURI - essentially Merlin from the Square T'Challas - and Daniel Kalouia (from the exit) plays the leader of the border tribe W'Kabi, a man with unconfirmed loyalties.

Shake of the movie, "Black Tiger" wonders with great taste and feelings, in part through something that Hollywood rarely dreams anymore: Legend. Most great studio fantasies take you on a happy ride just to play the same exhausted story and beats the franchise expansion. Not this one. Point-centered is a wonderful nation of the Wakanda, the African Eden where green green landscapes meet the science fiction of the blue sky. There, the submarine spacecraft resembles tribal masks hovering over majestic waterfalls that appear in a story that has far more than just brands.

The Sacramento is home to the Black Panther, a Chala Chadwick Bosseman, the last Marvel champion who jumps from the comic book side and in his own movie. Jackie Kirby (art), the original Black Panther - nets in a soft suit with claws and ears - debuted along with four fantastic adventures in the Wakanda, a metal-driven mystery,. Admission was impressive, in a timely manner (the revolutionary group that formally named the form that same year), and at the end of it first escaped, and confirmed the four Chala "There is no reason for the profession of the Black Tiger in the Future to the end! "

In the decades since then, the Black Panther has witnessed a multitude of costume modifications and adventures in the comedy, some directed by director Reginald Hodlin and more recently author Ta-Nihisi Quattas. Marvel Ryan Kugler, who shook his last surprise with "Creed", used the first Panther movie by giving him an African-American character from the Rocky series played by Michael B. As with "Black Tiger", Mr. Kugler has returned both Mr. Jordan and some former members of the crew, including Rachel Morrison, director of photography in the first feature of his "Froetphal Station" continuity, which can help the film's intimacy and liquidity.

As with all Marvel screen projects, the story has a lot of moving parts, but in general, the results do not look like the giant superhero forgetting the old stories and strictly overriding float times. Written by Mr. Kugler and Joe Robert Cole, "Black Tiger" brings the story of T'Challa into the present, the drawings in its past and looks forward to its future as each space for the wonder cinema universe and other warriors wears their units , (Black Tiger was for the first time forgotten to hear "Captain America: Civil War.") Also, the film instead found a very breeze and Akanda as a military property that is nonetheless a fair and democratic one.

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The story initially included satisfactory when the villain cartoon clear, Ulysses Chloe (Andy Sircas, having a very good time clearly with), traders forearms with arm arm and Ofrickanz Senyir Raging Regiment, which includes Eric Kelemonger (Mr. Jordan). As his name suggests, Kellmanger has, well, problems with his body ornament hit go. The nasty band ways draw the attention of the Black Panther and the man of international law in a friendly person C.I.A. (The award-winning Martin Freeman), who plays a good man, is just a reminder that "Black Tiger" is following at least some dubious Hollywood conventions.

For a period of time, when the story of the Black Tiger and Tiger jump here and there from Akanda to Busan, South Korea, and the directors it seems like they just make a remix of James Bond with a touch of Alhinanegan Spidey. The Black Panther even slides with some support into the Swank Casino and long before the place breaks out with this kind of mess designed to get a lift, like the legs and Tuarel coats. There's also a chaos chaos inevitable that Busan turns to video game, Despreetengele, commercial vehicle, a terrible draw that reduces something of an amusing image of a naked woman warrior with the metal setting foot pedal.